Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Office Sorrow

 by Christy Merry

Grief gets heavier each time around
as if it invokes the combined losses of your lifetime.
Too many hits and you are under brick weight.
Movement, joy, seem improbable occurrences.

I return to the dance of the scanner.
I think of you, my cousin.
I think of your husband who left the earth
last week, in an automobile accident.

I think,
there is probably not enough tape for this.


This poem is part of Christy's chapbook Before Cancer Comes For Me. Christy writes, "As for buying the book, the details are at www.christymerry.com/books - basically, if anyone donates $10 or more to Jessa Roquet’s gofundme or her Venmo so that she can pay her medical bills to fight her liver cancer, and forwards the email confirmation of that gift along with their name and physical address to me, I will send them the book. I published the book to be used as a fundraiser."

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