Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maria Damon & Jukka Pekka-Kervinen, from DOOR MARKED X

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Maria Damon appears in 1.

She is the featured artist in 2, available free on the Internet. More selections from Door Marked X appear there.

Maria Damon teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of The Dark End of the Street: Margins in American Vanguard Poetry and Postliterary America: From Bagel Shop Jazz to Micropoetries; the co-author, with mIEKAL aND, of Literature Nation, Erosion, and pleasureTEXTpossession; and co-editor, with Ira Livingston, of Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader

Purchase Door Marked X by Damon & Kervinen

(This post also appeared as a broadside, published by TheAlteredScalePress, in 2012.)

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