Friday, September 7, 2012

Outcroppings by Jonathan Brannen

 time is transparent

                        as though I were an empty street
                        or an empty sheet of speechless paper

                                                arrested by scenery

                        as the plane takes off
                        subdivisions look
                        like crop circles below


            this dance
            of dislocation

                                    there is a sequel
                                    to these events

odd numbers
silent letters
the local sense
of things

                                                two images
                                                blocks in space


to distinguish between margins and boundaries

                                                no longer sleep
                                                just inertia

to protect actual truths as much as lost opportunities sometimes it is neces­sary to forget the dif­ference between the possible and the possibilities

the unpainted pier
on the distant shoreline
the smell of rain
moving in

a steady light now
scattered in time
another moment
for reflection

the shiny surface
                        of direct objects
                                                the fiction of history

what eyes conceal

            of voices that will not be denied
                        of choices despite history
of lives that have
taken place

every representation
is a distortion

a change of tone
built up in absence
of speech

                                    what space is for
                                    for what space is
                                    for space is what
                                    what space is for

vanishing on waking
images hard to retain

                                    to construct a refuge
                                    of incongruity

                                    an artifact constructed
                                    from fictions of youth
                                           summer and salary

time is solid

                 rain hangs
                 in the air

                                    everything that is
                                    is as blind as the rain


See Brannen in 1 and 2.

Jonathan Brannen is the author of twelve volumes of poetry and five books of visual literature. His most recent collections are this is visual poetry (this is visual poetry chapbooks, Kingston PA, 2010), a sequence of full color word art,Mona Lisa (Avantacular Press, 2010), a sequence of visual poems he created combining computer constructed images and photocopying between 1975 and 1982, and Deaccessioned Landscapes, a collection of technically innovative sonnets (Chax Press, Tucson, AZ, 2005). His poetry and fiction have been anthologized in five countries on three continents and translated into two languages. He grew up in Florida and currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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